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.20 March, 2018
How To Verify & Add Your Site In Google Search Console & Webmaster Tools
The first thing you need to do is log into your Google account.  And next you want to go to the Search Console ( Webmaster Tools).

At the top right you want to click on the “Add Properties” buttonAdding property to webmaster tools
In the pop up box you need to add your blog’s URL. You actually are going to eventually add both your full domain ( and your naked url (, so chose one to start with.
Naked url add to webmaster tools
Hit continue and this menu will open:

You can use ANY of these methods to verify your blog, but I am going to show you my favorite way.   It is with HTML code installation in your template. It can be found under the “Alternate methods” tab:
How to verify blog on webmaster tools
Under the “Alternate methods” tab, select “HTML Tag”

This will automatically generate a verification number for your account.  You want to copy the entire line of code and then go to your blogger dashboard.  (Open it in another tab or window!)
Adding tag
Open your template HTML  (under Template >> Edit HTML)

Click INSIDE the Code window and hit “command-F”   DO NOT JUST SEARCH THE ENTIRE PAGE. THAT WON’T WORK!!

You want to search for the following code:

Search code

You will see the code highlighted.   Immediately AFTER that line, paste in the code from webmaster tools and hit “Save”
Head insert code
Now go back to the Search Console window and hit “Verify”

You should get this confirmation message.
Now repeat the process with the other URL (in my example I would have to repeat the process with www.Abc24.GA.) You won’t have to add the code to the HTML template the second time.  It will automatically detect it.

Once you have both URLs verified they should appear on the Search Console home page:

Both urls in webmaster tools

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